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First of all, we are very pleased to introduce our creative robot education system. For the first time in the world, we have engineered and developed a very unique and sophiscated robot education system. As you may know, there are several robot education systems introduced so far but our system is different than others. Similar to other robot application systems, we also provide variable robot assembly applications such as 2, 4, and 6 leg as well as 4 and 6wheel robot. However, we have developed unique 21 creative sensor modules that have never been made or used before by others.

One or several modules together are connected into a robot platform, depending on the target or goal of the creative working robot. These modules will construct the brain of the robot, which will transform the robot into many thinking applications.

  The robot will be able to work under numerous and various situations, communicating with humans and ultimately give students with many creative and intelligent ideas.  This will be extremely fun for the students.   The imaginary capacity of making a robot with these creative modules and controller is unlimited where the student can learn all about the concept of robotics with highly skilled, advanced control.  From the educational robot kit including the creative modules, students can make robots to simply walk or to think with advanced applications.
Our focus is not to make professional robotic systems but intended to educate how to create robots and learn the robotics. We believe that after learning our full curriculum of provided robot education system, students will learn and operate robots easily and keep interest in robotics in university and government labs, industrial environments, and manufacturing or production fields. Once again, we are extremely proud to introduce this robotics system that will make a great contribution to all students to be more interested in robotics, creating endless challenges and capabilities to make better and advanced robots such as Mars Rover. Please read the contents provided on our website to learn more about our education system. We welcome you to contact us for more details.


According to these trends, the learning of robotics in a technical college or university is getting more important. However, relative to the importance of leaning robotics, efficient or systematical curriculum of robotics is not fully yet developed. Therefore, I advise that we need to develop and introduce the Robotic Education System, RES-485. This is to teach the fundamental theory including the study of application technology, development of multi-functional robots, and the programming of using actual robots.
Robots are one of the best educational materials to motivate students to express creativity. In fact, robots are currently used and optimized in education such as creative engineering design programs in colleges or universities.
However, current education utilizing robots remain simple. Basic robot designs and simple materials and apparatus are to blame. Although there is a long way to go, eventually, the education of advanced robots and its designs expected.
The RES-485, a creative robot leaning kit, is an educational system designed to bring optimized learning experience to students. The RES-485 system provides the following learning opportunities:

  • Offers an adaptive education including fundamental robot theory and advanced creative education
  •  Provides motor and various apparatus in each application
  •  Provides sensors, actuators, and diverse intelligent and communication modules
  •  Offers visual programming for robot operation and development
  •  Provides powerful robot simulation environments

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What is the ParaGea Inc.’s Role?
In conjunction with providing the RES-485 system, ParaGea also offer the following services:

  • Co-develops educational curriculum and software to meet the specific needs of your school or company
  • Offers sale of the RES-486 system to your school or company
  • Provides warranty and maintenance parts for worn or broken parts
  • Provides assembly and training programs at your site
  • We provide overall support for the RES-486 system and general robot technology education in class.